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Wyoming: The Next Question to Ask (to Answer)

Available now through Finishing Line Press,  Amazon, B&N, and your local book store!
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My Story

I spent my life moving around the state of Wyoming, until my parents settled in Sheridan, just south of the Montana border. Once there, I split time between Sheridan and Kemmerer in southwestern Wyoming, where my family has raised sheep for five generations. I attended the University of Wyoming and received degrees in International Studies and Spanish Literature. Eventually and with some prodding, I remembered the call I felt as a child to become a writer and attended New Mexico State University to study fiction. I just graduated with my MFA in Creative Writing from NMSU and returned to Wyoming, where I now teach, edit freelance, and write. I have several projects in the works, including a collection of short stories and a novel, and am actively sending out submissions to journals. My work has appeared or is forthcoming in Burnt Pine MagazineCigar City Poetry Journal, Barren MagazineThe Shore, Tupelo Quarterly, South Dakota Review, EcoTheo Review, and other journals.

Wyoming is my debut collection of poetry and is now available from Finishing Line Press. Work from the collection has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

I am the owner of Writing the West, LLC., a private editing service. See below for more information!

My Book


The Next Question to Ask (to Answer)

Other Work



"The Storming World" in South Dakota Review (2020)

"A Matter of Course" in Burnt Pine Magazine (2016)


"America Plays with a Ouija Board" in The Coachella Review (2022)

"Smoke" and "Giardia" in #GROUNDINGEARTH, an anthology from White Stag Publishing (2022)

"Hell" and "Headlights" in Beaver Magazine (2022)

"Young Once" in Ghost City Review (2022)

"Expedition," "Lodge," "Shotgun" in High Plains Register (2020)

"Fence" and "Transubstantiation" in EcoTheo Review (2020)

"Desertification" in Mineral Lit Mag (2020)


"Desert Willow" in Spiral Orb (2019)

"Wyoming" (with Joshua Young) in Tupelo Quarterly (2019)

"I wait all day for Jeopardy!" in The Shore (2019)

"Highway" and "Cave In" in Barren Magazine (2019)

"Brief Magnolia" in Cigar City Poetry Journal (2019)

"Prayer for Production" in Oasis (2018)


Visit The Shore to read my reviews of contemporary poetry collections written by Shore contributors.

Writing the West, LLC.

I started Writing the West, LLC. to collaborate with writers at all stages in their careers, help them produce their best work, and get it out in the world. My specialties consist of editing manuscripts, web content, and professional documents (like grants, résumés, and CVs). Let's work together and share your story!

What People Are Saying

To read Julian’s poems is to bear witness to the timelessness of our own struggle with mortality, with sentimentality, and with the places we risk calling home.


Author of Thaw, winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series Competition

Upcoming Events



Feel free to reach out about readings, workshops, and other engagements! I look forward to working with you!

"Wyoming" by Tyler Truman Julian
Video by Joshua Young

"Wyoming" by Tyler Truman Julian

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